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Last night’s group show held a lot of excited people on a crisp Arizona winter night. {9} The Gallery presented the opening reception of Tiny Works | Tiny Dances II, featuring over 100 artists whose work is sized 12″ x 12″ or under. The show will continue till December 16th. If you missed it, come back in two weeks for Third Friday, December 16th. 1229 Grand Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85007. I will be attending then too. My following four works are included.

When I arrived at 6 sharp, the first piece of four, Inspirit, had already sold, and so was the case with many of my fellow artists’ works. The space filled up quickly with a happy, enthusiastic crowd of art lovers and it was a good time to be with old friends and new. It’s an honor to exhibit alongside talented Arizona artists such as Sky Black, Dan Pederson, Cindy Schnackel and Onna Voellmer.  Emotionally expressive modern dances were performed by Nicole L. Olson, Elisa Cavallero and Travis Richardson at the gallery’s center. Thank you to all who came out to visit! Here are some snaps I took along the way.

This is my most recently completed painting. To me, it feels like a joyful celebration that rises up amidst a very challenging year. Swell The Life, 2016, 16 7/16″ x 13 1/8″, watercolor, ink and pastel.


I have another painting, The Gift, that will continue showing in Herberger Gallery at Arizona Center’s Home For The Holidays exhibition through January 16th. Stop by at 455 N. 3rd Street, Suite 1200 to see this and many other Arizona artists’ works. Connie and A O Tucker have done a lovely job of curating and hanging this show for the winter season.


The Gift, on the easel in my studio


I have many available finished works, both paintings and drawings, in my recent catalogue and past inventory. I also have several limited edition prints which are hand signed and numbered. You can view and purchase artwork directly at my website: And of course, I am always very happy to answer any questions. I’m at Facebook too. Drop me a line!


limited edition print, Crave Aurora


This evening I turned down the lights and said goodnight to this work in progress. Goodnight to you too.


It’s been extremely rewarding to pursue some new palettes this month and attend to several projects. Below are two of four paintings in progress, and I’m beginning another one today… I woke up thinking of rich indigo and filigree-like white lace. I’ll see where the spark takes me.


Having several concurrent paintings in progress affords me the ability to step back from one when I need to but also keep working on others. It’s important for me, and many other visual artists/writers, I’ve heard, to avoid developing myopia. As well, a kind of block can develop when all one’s hopes are tied to a single project — particularly one that is large and inundating. That happened to me several years ago while doing a large commission. At points, I felt completely overwhelmed; when I got to a puzzling element I would fixate on it and become mired. Time ticked away. I’d paint something that didn’t work, paint it over, then over again. Trickles of self-doubt began to form. Hitting the wall, my efforts became forced, which is anathema to my automatistic, spontaneous flow of creativity I need to create work that is truly alive, surprising and authentic. In frustration I found myself breaking away and taking out a sketchbook. I began drawing unrelated projects and it extinguished my anxiety. What emerged were some of my best drawings AND I returned to the large commission feeling rejuvenated, fueled and having fresh eyes. Time-wise too, it was crucial that I met the deadline, and thankfully I did! It was a learning curve.


I’ve since utilized this healthy discovery in creative process and I make sure to explore art in several directions at once. Not to an overwhelming degree, but just enough so that the projects are mutually beneficial as a whole. Each venture is informing the other, whether on a conscious or subconscious level. When a piece falls flat, I don’t trouble over it as much as I used to. Instead, I usually set it aside (I will often resurrect it later) and get to painting or drawing or writing something else. One creation is happily percolating while another creation is reaching a satisfying completion. I read along the way that “art feeds art”. It’s true.

Windows Watch Us In.ccoe.web

The above painting, Windows Watch Us In, is the focus of my April art column installment, Honey Wove the Marrow, at Arcadia Magazine’s Online Sundries. In it I discuss identity, relating and a bit about fishing with my dad.

work in progress for pollination show, by Charmagne Coe

This is a large painting I started a couple of weeks ago. It is made with layers of watercolor, ink and pastel. Look at the outline of that … is it a bird, or?? This is one of those works that gently, sort of effortlessly unfolds. Already, I can see there will be multiple characters and plot twists. I had not intended it to be themed in any direction or for a particular show, but last night, out of the blue, I realized it would be just perfect for an upcoming group exhibition which focuses on pollinators. The show will happen at West of the Moon Gallery on April 3rd, Flagstaff First Friday Art Walk. But now that I’ve written it, I’m going to forget about times and dates and all that, and think about… paint. I’m excited. Can you tell?

When Suddenly, drawing by Charmagne Coe

Here is a piece from yesterday, When Suddenly, 2015, ink drawing on tan paper.

snippet of discarded painting, by Charmagne Coe
Not everything goes as planned, of course, but often there are elements of a painting that are just right, or that contain a nudge, or a hint, be it ever so small, of something I feel good about. And so I save those. I take out the scissors and snip out what I know I’ll miss otherwise. Those are like micro inspirations. Above is one such “snippet”. I found it hanging out under some glassine. As I look at it, if feels like this is its very own painting that’s simply unfinished. We shall see.

Thanks for popping in. Thanks all for the kind comments and adding me to your reader. Take care.


I have recently finished the new painting, Treasures, watercolor, ink and pastel, 9″ x 13 5/16″. This magical little painting can be also seen at my website,


Limited edition giclée prints are available. Each is based on an original painting I created in watercolor, ink and pastel. I like to create small volumes to preserve the value of each one. They are professionally printed on 255 gsm acid free, 100% cotton rag Somerset Velvet paper (similar look and feel to watercolor paper) using Epson’s archival UltraChrome pigment inks. Each print is signed and numbered on the front. You can view them here!

When the Lines Disappear, I Am not Afraid With You revised web version

Original paintings, such as the above When the Lines Disappear, I Am Not Afraid With You are seen at my website as well.

Earlier this year, I was honored as Art and Art Deadline’s February Featured Artist. I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the interview conducted by its talented creator, Rachel Gibson. At this site you can read about artists who are pushing the boundaries of contemporary art. It is also an invaluable resource for artists looking for reputable opportunities for publication and exhibition. If you enjoy my work and feel so inclined after reading my interview, please leave a comment. Artists who receive the most comments by December 31st will be awarded AAD’s Featured Artist of 2014. Thank you!

Learn more about Featured Artist Charmagne Coe!

I started a painting last weekend. It seems to be actually creating itself very quickly. Perhaps I shall finish it by this coming weekend. Peek:

WIP by Charmagne Coe

I’ve been listening a lot to Damien Rice’s new album, My Favorite Faded Fantasy. Damien’s voice and words slice, like velvet and talons, to the bone of it all. I dare you to listen without tears. If you’ve loved and hoped, you know. Here is “I Don’t Want to Change You”.


My copy of Arcadia Magazine, Issue #8, arrived last weekend.  It is a gutsy literary arts journal published in Oklahoma City, OK that features verse and artwork which is reflective of modern American life. This issue includes my painting, The Cadence, The Thorns. I am very thankful to have work published alongside Peggy Aylsworth, Laura Birdsall, Paul Catalano, Hannah Fischer, Carol Hamilton, Ilya Lyashevsky, Edgar Kunz, Abbie J. Leavens, Danielle Luther Luebbe, Laura E. Miller, John Palen, Joe Scott, Joelle Schumacher and Harold Whit Williams.

diving mining to meet you web version

You can find my work in the lastest Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine Arizona Edition Spring 2014. It is available at Barnes and Noble and other fine bookstores. Note: there was a publication error and the the work was published sideways. This painting is available at monOrchid Gallery.


S/he, hallowed and evolving. Work in progress. A long story to tell….


I conduit and emanate. I falter. I retract. I become brave again and assert. I am ignited by love. I am ignited by small and large facets of life. I am ignited by rebellion toward apathy/entropy/not living. It is my artistic duty and path to authentically show joy, confusion, pain, transcendence, the ALL. I watch my own hands form images and am fascinated. At times I am perplexed at what I’ve fashioned, and yet I find home in those strange landscapes that appear. Familiar echoes. Ghosts. Prescience. If others care to join in to connect and feel with me, do. Or don’t. Regardless, it is. Look. Feel. Empathize. Recoil. Create. Liberate. Metamorphose.


I’ve been working glacially, quietly on several larger works simultaneously. Here are some snaps for you. This painting, as my others, are composed with watercolor, ink and pastel and is 18 7/8″ x 18 1/4″.


You can glimpse the next one at the bottom, even larger, that I am returning to this week. I see there a woman on the edge of… I don’t know yet. I started it months ago and have been so enamored by the initial layers, that I’ve been rather cautious to touch it just yet. The next steps needed to percolate for a while. But, I believe it’s time to jump in. If you were at the live painting at the Renaissance Hotel, this is the work in progress I had on the easel.

Here’s a closer look:


The following are ink drawings I finished recently.


I felt lavished and nurtured today upon reading Anais Nin’s following thoughts on the artistic process of writing.

“You must not fear, hold back, count or be a miser with your thoughts and feelings. It is also true that creation comes from an overflow, so you have to learn to intake, to imbibe, to nourish yourself and not be afraid of fullness. The fullness is like a tidal wave which then carries you, sweeps you into experience and into writing. Permit yourself to flow and overflow, allow for the rise in temperature, all the expansions and intensifications. Something is always born of excess: great art was born of great terrors, great loneliness, great inhibitions, instabilities, and it always balances them.”

This is a song from one of my painting playlists – “Saudade”, by Love and Rockets. It is set to a black and white video created by António Vasques de Azevedo.

On July 12th, I participated in the “Show and Tell” opening reception which took place at the Herberger Theater Art Gallery in downtown Phoenix, AZ. The group exhibition showcased several Arizona artists. My painting, “Billows”, was included and… I was thrilled to be honored as the feature artist! Thank you for attending and sending along all the kind words of congratulations and encouragement. The show will be on display and works can be purchased through September 1st.

Here is a recent ink drawing, “To Swim Unafraid in the Lantern’s Lake”.


These are color-splashed details of a summer work in progress. I am very excited about the palette. I have been chipping away at this work for three months now. Some paintings are like that:  a slow and ponderous journey. It is very satisfying.

For more news, my portfolio of works for sell, and to subscribe to my artist newsletter, go to

I’ve been working diligently on several paintings. These are all images of works in progress, thought these are not all I’m working on!

These nude drawings were made with a lovely, fat-tipped pen my artist friend, Rebecca, gave to me. I hope to portray the body in a way that is exuberant and free.

My children are now both in school and for the first time in years… the house is still. I am painting full time. My hand has never felt so steady. I can hear a yellowjacket who has accidentally flown off course and is humming above the sink. I am not used to working in such an atmosphere devoid of chaos and interruption. I’m sure I’ll be just fine.


The new work, “Gaze”, is finished and can also be seen at my website. It is created with watercolor, ink and pastel.

“Yield” is the new Illustration Friday topic and I am delighted to be able to post a painting for my submission to the collective effort. It is titled, “From an Equator” and very small – 4″ x 6″!

I have been working busily in my studio. This week there was no shortage of very gray skies and 40 mph winds to keep me thankful that I could be on this side of the window.  Here are some projects in progress, as well as some experimentation.

Have a good day….

Painting and Drawing Gallery


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