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Here is fresh, little work to express a love of diversity, and the love of beauty – innate and soulish and envisioned and created and wholly, divinely human. Yes, My Bee, You Should Wear Pink, 5 1/2″ x 7″, 2017,  watercolor, ink and pastel. It IS available here.

Yes My Bee You Should Wear Pink.2017.300dpi.full_image.jpg

The details:

Yes My Bee You Should Wear Pink.2017.720dpi.detail3.ccoeYes My Bee You Should Wear Pink.2017.720dpi.detail4.ccoeYes My Bee You Should Wear Pink.2017.720dpi.detail5.ccoeYes My Bee You Should Wear Pink.2017.720dpi.detail6.ccoe

These are drawings I’ve created in the last several weeks.

Bird and Blue.2017.drawing.ccoe

Bird and Blue, 2017, watercolor, ink and pastel drawing

On the Eve of Sun Lights.2017.ccoe.jpg

On the Eve of Sun Lights, 2017, ink and fingerpainted wine drawing. Is wine archival? Um. Hmm.


This drawing in progress, in my Elementals series. My last drawing I created like this was for the inside of a limited edition gatefold album for Pausal on the Infraction label. You can visit this album and see pics of the artwork at bandcamp. In this work, I’m creating a composite: I draw automatistic shapes and figures separately, then I arrange and redraw them into a menagerie. It is so, so much fun to do. My plan for this work is inclusion in an upcoming drawing and painting exhibition.

frames appearance organizing

For more pictures and updates about works in progress, new work and exhibition news, visit my Instagram and Facebook page.

Happy and wonderful fall days to you!


This is a new miniature work. It is Lighten, 2017, watercolor, ink and pastel. The painting is available at my website.

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Much of my drawing has always investigated human connection with nature. Several years ago, I read Biophilia by Edward O. Wilson. Written in 1984, this book was ahead of its time with its environmental revelations. The close-up, introspective examination of flora and fauna worlds had a lasting impression on me. He expressed our inherent need to be in a healthy, symbiotic relationship with our planet’s ecosystems of which we are a part. We are a part of this earth’s whole. I am investigating that connection even more in my new series, Elementals. The drawings are less structured, even less representationally figurative than my other work. In 2013, I began to draw these during a limited edition album art project for Pausal’s Along the Mantic Spring (below)… and I realized this the other day in a “haven’t I seen these before?” moment.


They are a combination of my emotional, innate responses and spontaneous expressions of nature.

Filial.2017.300dpi.drawing elemental.ccoe

Filial, 2017, ink drawing

Gist Across Over, 2017, ink drawing

Moonlit Stitch, 2017, ink drawing

If you are interested in collecting my drawn works, I do offer them for sale at my website. You can see and purchase them from me directly if you live in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Also feel free to PM me with any questions or thoughts.

drawings available at for instagram and fb.ccoe

Yesterday, I pulled out the staples adhering the painting, Calamus,to its board, and untaped the border to show the reveal (clean edges). On the back, I wrote my title, signature and date painted. Lastly, I covered it with protective glassine till it is ready to take to the framers. I savor all the small, careful steps that go into the process of making, learning and caring for art.

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How I’ve looked forward to the announcement of Pausal’s new limited-edition vinyl album release, Along the Mantic Spring.Well, it’s almost here! The album will begin shipping May 6, 2014, but can now be pre-ordered at Pausal is the ambient music collaboration of Simon Bainton and Alex Smalley. Please go listen to audio samples at the link. It is otherworldly music. And utterly beautiful.

Along the Mantic Spring cover art

The title of the album was taken from the title of my painting used for the front panel.

The album is gate-fold, or four panels. I created several interlaced ink drawings for the two interiors. They are figurative (human and beast), intuitive, magical, mythical….

Here are some pictures of those drawings laid out. As Pausal’s music filled my studio, it was completely effortless to find inspiration.


I’ll share a bit about the title and coinciding painting used for the front panel. Along the Mantic Spring was composed, as usual, starting with a feeling, as opposed to thought-out, stringent imagery. I sensed I would be conveying something sacred. Soon, the figures arrived and the shapes and patterns coalesced. When I paint, there is always constant tension and resolve, a back and forth external/internal dialogue; I am being communicated with and am communicating to. I react to the combination of colors, textures, patterns as much as having an effect on them. All of this, in turn, inter-plays with my current experiences, even the very music that is playing. Sometimes the title will come to me before a painting starts. Sometimes months before. But in this case, I named it afterward. When I finished the work, I did not know the full story of what I had painted but it was obvious that the figures were involved with one another and also with the elements around them. So I went searching for a name and the plot of the story. It started with a word,”grotto”.  Soon I was reading about oracles and prayer places…. by Trey Ratcliff

I have a keen interest in anything ceremonial, anthropological and mythological . It’s comforting to read about scientific adaptation, laws and phenomena, but so to is learning about the ignition of, the migration and cultural borrowing of spiritual and philosophical ideas that have gotten us to this point. We’ve always been grappling with physical mortality, but also with our soulishness. We’ve built temples, etched cave walls, held hands as we stood in close circles and watched the stars to intuit our purpose, be it in love or hunting or war.  I was fascinated to read again about the oracle at Delphi and the mantic, message-bearing spring. It struck a note.


This idea of communing with gods, with each other and with nature resonated with some of my own experiences. Also, certain phraseology from my charismatic religion of youth, such as”living waters” and “the spirit moved on the face of the water”, came back to me in a delightfully fresh way. It hit home. Communing with one another and touching nature binds us together. It sets certain truths free. As you can see on other panels, the theme continued on and story kept building. I am even still finding out what the story is all about!

When I spoke of the title concept to Alex and Simon, we discovered an uncanny similarity of ideas regarding communication. We all agreed that the painting title would also be a great album title too. I will always be deeply honored and thankful to have had this experience and to have worked with such gracious musicians who were open to an organic flow in creativity.

Below is the back panel with hand-lettered the titles, credits, music label and other information.

Thanks for reading. Should be posting again soon since I just finished a large painting. Here’s a glimpse… taped and covered in glassine. 😉


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