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Last night’s group show held a lot of excited people on a crisp Arizona winter night. {9} The Gallery presented the opening reception of Tiny Works | Tiny Dances II, featuring over 100 artists whose work is sized 12″ x 12″ or under. The show will continue till December 16th. If you missed it, come back in two weeks for Third Friday, December 16th. 1229 Grand Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85007. I will be attending then too. My following four works are included.

When I arrived at 6 sharp, the first piece of four, Inspirit, had already sold, and so was the case with many of my fellow artists’ works. The space filled up quickly with a happy, enthusiastic crowd of art lovers and it was a good time to be with old friends and new. It’s an honor to exhibit alongside talented Arizona artists such as Sky Black, Dan Pederson, Cindy Schnackel and Onna Voellmer.  Emotionally expressive modern dances were performed by Nicole L. Olson, Elisa Cavallero and Travis Richardson at the gallery’s center. Thank you to all who came out to visit! Here are some snaps I took along the way.

This is my most recently completed painting. To me, it feels like a joyful celebration that rises up amidst a very challenging year. Swell The Life, 2016, 16 7/16″ x 13 1/8″, watercolor, ink and pastel.


I have another painting, The Gift, that will continue showing in Herberger Gallery at Arizona Center’s Home For The Holidays exhibition through January 16th. Stop by at 455 N. 3rd Street, Suite 1200 to see this and many other Arizona artists’ works. Connie and A O Tucker have done a lovely job of curating and hanging this show for the winter season.


The Gift, on the easel in my studio


I have many available finished works, both paintings and drawings, in my recent catalogue and past inventory. I also have several limited edition prints which are hand signed and numbered. You can view and purchase artwork directly at my website: And of course, I am always very happy to answer any questions. I’m at Facebook too. Drop me a line!


limited edition print, Crave Aurora


This evening I turned down the lights and said goodnight to this work in progress. Goodnight to you too.



My studio is finally getting fleshed out, and three weeks ago I began in earnest to start new works and wrap up ones I’d started on Vashon Island. Here is a miniature work I finished this week. Enjoy the detail pics too! Inspirit, 2016, 4 1/4″ x 5 1/16″, watercolor, ink and pastel.


Below is a recent ink drawing, When They Come, My Relics. I was fascinated by its contexts so much, that I felt it should be the basis for a new painting to explore it further. Beneath it is the work in progress.


Everyone asks me the same question: “Are you settled in yet?”. I moved from Vashon Island back to my hometown, Phoenix, in July. No, I’m not settled in. That’s the simple answer. There’s a lot to getting new rituals in place, making home a home and sinking roots. I think I’ve got a solid start though. Arizona is familiar to me in a way that is integral. I’m thankful to the family and friends who have gathered around us for a hell of a homecoming. It’s been sweet.


As I’m finally catching my breath, I’ve been attending several local gallery openings and the Downtown Phoenix First and Third Friday Art Walks. Below are pics of {9} The Gallery and its solo exhibition by Sky Black. Heard Museum hosted ArtLink Phoenix’s 18th Annual Juried Exhibition. It was a good opportunity to view and appreciate the diverse emerging and established talents who are pushing the art envelope in Phoenix. MonOrchid is always a fave of mine… and I’m glad I could catch their First Friday show by Kris Manzanares.

I’m enjoying finding new places to run. Though I don’t run far (yet), it’s been a regular ritual for years. I find that I work out painting problems, have sudden inspirations or solve daily confusions in the meditative pace. The heat, of course, is the most taxing part of running in Phoenix, but now that it’s cooling down,  I’m hoping to make the miles stretch a little longer.


Here is a painting I finished on Vashon. It is still available at my shopThe Carrier, 2016,
watercolor, ink and pastel, 16″ x 14″.

The full image.ccoe.jpg

Below are details from another work in progress. Started in April, wow, this one has definitely taken its time, but I’m savoring all the twists and turns in the slow process.

To see more of what I’m up to, I’m here at Facebook, and my website/shop. That’s all for now. I should be posting more frequently, now that I’m (mostly!) done with moving boxes, hallelujah. Take care.

Thank you, everyone, for attending and sending kind wishes for my solo show at Rooftop Solar Art Space! It was a wonderful time and there were SO many people! Elbow to elbow at some points. I appreciate the one-to-one conversations and meeting people I never would otherwise. We were accompanied by the jazz sounds of Victor Ziegelbaum, who played and sang everything from Django Reinhardt to Cole Porter. Crave Aurora and Effusion were sold, and so I bid them goodbye. (I do get a lump in my throat, every time.)


2014100395191729 2014100395191355 2014100395191311 IMG_20141004_113829-001 IMG_20141003_220631(1)-001 IMG_20141004_113626-001 IMG_20141003_221011(1)-001

I was planning to say yet another goodbye. This time, to Arcadia Magazine. My most recent and last installment of the six-month-long art column, “Familiar Spirits Light a Way”, was sent to the editor on Monday. However, to my happy surprise, he wrote back and invited me to stay on for another six months. How can I say no? I can’t!  So, in a couple of months, I will again start a new adventure with another collection of six paintings. For now… go visit Arcadia to read the last of this series featuring Oscillons.

oscillons web version

Following are some selected drawings from this week. Enjoy.

15304758929_5dcccc83b8_c Lay Your Tinder Hands


So the Hands Will Not Grasp My Ankles15480614785_8f3bc2d4ce_c


Glory and the Earthen Temple

This song has been echoing in my mind lately. Warpaint, “Love is to Die”.


Let us be like birds who build their nests, hair by string by feather by dried grass, placing great effort and infinite love into life.


Lately, there’s been a stream of new ventures which have encouraged steps outside my comfort zone. With those steps, I’ve had to brush up rusty skills and develop new ones. After one of my paintings (The Cadence, The Thorns) was published in Arcadia Magazine, I queried their editor. I wondered if the magazine would consider me a regular contributing illustrator of pen and ink drawings for their Online Sundries. The answer was yes!  Other publications have hired me for painted editorial illustrations, but I’ve also hoped to utilize my pen and ink skills for publication. I’ve amassed piles of drawing journals that date far back before I was a painter. Drawing was my first artistic impulse. Those pictures are where I’ve learned to follow creative ideas, even if they lead down rabbit holes. Especially if they lead down rabbit holes.  I’ve learned to draw freely about the various facets of the human condition, maternal instincts, nature, sexuality, adaptation, spirituality… meandering freely and weaving multiple concepts. Organically, I realized that the best way I create is improvisationally, by “anti-method”,  automatism.

And All the Rest, drawing by Charmagne Coe
And All the Rest9453291539_11aa33f20a_cExecutions, Ma Belle

Intimate Morphology, drawing by Charmagne CoeIntimate Morphology
Cordelia "Living. Give My Regards to Anubis", drawing by Charmagne CoeLiving, Give My Regards to Anubis

It is exciting to be able share another medium with Arcadia Magzine. I greatly look forward to receiving assignments and concocting images on topic, though still in my anti-method. The drawing below was created for the story “Kurt Vonnegut Didn’t Like Me”, by David Peteroy.

1.cigarette.ccoe - smaller

Later in April, I was again in touch with Arcadia Magazine. The editor asked if I would create an art column that featured and discussed six of my paintings. I am usually reticent to discuss my work in-depth (those of you who know me very well know this to be true), out of a sense of preservation and respect for the process. That process fluctuates and evolves constantly. It changes with skill and experimentation. So, I wondered at how to put my finger on a moving target. How could I broach a topic that by its very nature requires me to celebrate mystery and is often very open-ended to me? I decided to stop troubling myself about misconstruing, or being misconstrued, and do what I’ve always done — create automatistically, but also in writing. It is actually not my first foray into writing, but I’ll share more about that later in a future post.

I hope to convey uninhibited snapshots of technique and what about the painting speaks to me to share with you. I’ve followed the work, advice and ponderings of many artists before me. It makes sense to add mine to the cauldron, sheepishness and risk-aversion be damned. Words, like paint are, after all, another medium. Below is the first painting of my column, Familiar Spirits Light the WayIt is also my most recent painting: Panthea. 

Panthea, painting by Charmagne Coe
I am left with a great deal of curiosity about this cross-pollination of the arts in my life. Gratitude goes to all of you for encouraging, reading and connecting.


p.s. To my friends who are writers:  I might call on you for advice!

Guess what? I have a brand new art website! If you would like to receive newsletters of upcoming shows and other events, or drop me a line,  you can visit my contact page. Go to:

website detail

Some of this month’s drawings:

Ventricles, by Charmagne Coe
VentriclesInside the Ordinal, by Charmagne CoeInside the Ordinal

As my Phoenix exhibitions at Herberger Theater Art Gallery’s Show and Tell and monOrchid’s Thermal PHX draw to a close, I want to thank the many of you who sent encouraging notes and visited my work and me. Thank you to the brilliant art directors and staff members who made these beautiful events happen. Thank you for continuing to share in my love of creating art.

Painting and Drawing Gallery


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