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Thicket is my newest abstract and surreal painting, created with watercolor, ink and pastel, 19 1/4″ x 20″.


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I began this more abstract painting, much as I do many, with only a slight perception of where the story might take me. My lines felt very much in sync with how I make contour drawings, but by using larger movements. India ink is a marvelous medium because it is so powerful, lustrous and unforgiving. Because this ink is permanent, creating with it feels like cliff-jumping. Sometimes I decide to jump really big. Why not? This work is figurative in the slightest, wildest sense. I hope to impart a kind of biophilic, nature-needing impulse.

Thicket is immediately available for purchase at my website.

Here are some recent ink drawings.


the praise.2017.300dpi.elementals drawing.ccoe

The Praise. This is a drawing from my series, elementals. 


Above is a detail picture from one of my small paintings in progress. This bird found itself on the edges of a lavender structure. I didn’t know it was a bird till I put a drop of black India ink on the sienna oval… and voila. Tweet, tweet.

It has been a productive summer thus far in my new home/old hometown, Phoenix. It’s heating up, but I feel my body adjusting to the encroaching 110+ temps. However, I won’t mind heading up north to my other mountain home, Flagstaff, to cool off and be inspired by the lupines, primroses and wild orchids.

Below is truly an Arizona drawing called Mountains and Mesas, 2016. I made it while living in an alternate reality of dewy, humid nature in the PNW.


Take care.










Enjoy the following two new works.

Sun Breaks With Helios, 2016, watercolor, ink and pastel, 13″ x 15 3/4″.

Sun Breaks With Helios2.2016.300dpi.ccoej



Locus One For Another, 2016, watercolor, ink and pastel, 10 1/2″ x 9″.

Locus One For Another.2016.300dpi.ccoe

These new paintings and others are available to purchase at my website:

Ghost Gallery continues to represent the following miniature works, Awake, and Stir. These are a lovely, though unintentional, pairing.



I’m thrilled to be participating in an upcoming group exhibition. If you are in the Seattle area, come by and visit my work and many others at the lovely Ghost Gallery! I will be attending the artists’ reception.

Annual Miniature Art Extravaganza
Ghost Gallery
Seattle, WA
December 10th, 2015 – February 7th, 2016
Artists’ Reception December 10th, 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Corner of E Denny Way at Summit & Olive (Entry on Summit Side)

I have four small paintings in the show, including the two below.

Sweetness Then Go Outer Skins

Jewels For My Baleen.2015.400dpi.ccoeJewels For My Baleen

Below are recent drawings I’ve completed along the way and while traveling. They are created with black ink.


Future Forwards Her and She Declines.2015.400dpi.drawing.ccoeFuture Forwards Her and She Declines

img309But There Was More, Ma Belle


Sight Inside the Current.2015.400dpi.drawing.ccoeSign Inside the Current

It’s been extremely rewarding to pursue some new palettes this month and attend to several projects. Below are two of four paintings in progress, and I’m beginning another one today… I woke up thinking of rich indigo and filigree-like white lace. I’ll see where the spark takes me.


Having several concurrent paintings in progress affords me the ability to step back from one when I need to but also keep working on others. It’s important for me, and many other visual artists/writers, I’ve heard, to avoid developing myopia. As well, a kind of block can develop when all one’s hopes are tied to a single project — particularly one that is large and inundating. That happened to me several years ago while doing a large commission. At points, I felt completely overwhelmed; when I got to a puzzling element I would fixate on it and become mired. Time ticked away. I’d paint something that didn’t work, paint it over, then over again. Trickles of self-doubt began to form. Hitting the wall, my efforts became forced, which is anathema to my automatistic, spontaneous flow of creativity I need to create work that is truly alive, surprising and authentic. In frustration I found myself breaking away and taking out a sketchbook. I began drawing unrelated projects and it extinguished my anxiety. What emerged were some of my best drawings AND I returned to the large commission feeling rejuvenated, fueled and having fresh eyes. Time-wise too, it was crucial that I met the deadline, and thankfully I did! It was a learning curve.


I’ve since utilized this healthy discovery in creative process and I make sure to explore art in several directions at once. Not to an overwhelming degree, but just enough so that the projects are mutually beneficial as a whole. Each venture is informing the other, whether on a conscious or subconscious level. When a piece falls flat, I don’t trouble over it as much as I used to. Instead, I usually set it aside (I will often resurrect it later) and get to painting or drawing or writing something else. One creation is happily percolating while another creation is reaching a satisfying completion. I read along the way that “art feeds art”. It’s true.

Windows Watch Us In.ccoe.web

The above painting, Windows Watch Us In, is the focus of my April art column installment, Honey Wove the Marrow, at Arcadia Magazine’s Online Sundries. In it I discuss identity, relating and a bit about fishing with my dad.

This is my newest painting. Let Them Fall and Rise as Garnets, 2015, watercolor, ink and pastel, 14″ x 12″.

Let Them FallLet Them Fall and Rise as Garnets, painting by Charmagne Coe Details. Let Them FallLet Them Fall and Rise as Garnets, painting by Charmagne Coe
Let Them FallLet Them Fall and Rise as Garnets, painting by Charmagne Coe

Let Them FallLet Them Fall and Rise as Garnets, painting by Charmagne Coe

Two paintings, Beloved and The Gift, have been selected for exhibition at Arizona Opera located at 1636 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ. You will be able to view them in the lobby from March 16th – June 5th. This is a wonderful venue featuring some of Arizona’s greatest vocal talents. I’m thrilled!


The Gift web

Windows Watch Us In, painting by Charmagne Coe

This is my latest painting, Windows Watch Us In, watercolor, ink and pastel, 8″ x 6 1/8″.  This is a very small, intimate work.

Windows Watch Us In, painting by Charmagne Coe

Windows Watch Us In, painting by Charmagne Coe

These are lyrics from a song I once wrote many, many years ago:

Open the door and slide right into my skin. 
Swing back the gate and let yourself back in.

What are you gonna do when you’re me?
What are you gonna do when I’m you?

Swing back the gate.
Lift up the latch.
I’m coming through. 
You’re coming back. 


Honey Wove the Marrow, by Charmagne Coe

Honey Wove the Marrow, by Charmagne Coe

Honey Wove the Marrow, by Charmagne Coe

This is my newest painting, Honey Wove the Marrow. It was created in several layers of watercolor, ink and pastel. This was a longer endeavor, lasting over five months. It was complex in theme and color work. I’m happy, yet a little melancholy, to see this work completed. So it goes. Enjoy.


I was asked once again to be a contributing writer of a six-month-long art column in Arcadia Magazine. It will feature six of my paintings and ponderings/poetry about life, art and mystery. This will begin in March. I’m honored to continue being a part of their team!

I have now completed the painting that I’ve worked on for so long. Rider, 27″ x 19″, watecolor, ink and pastel.

fish web version
Detail pictures.


I have enjoyed reading about the biophilia hypothesis, created by evolutionary biologist, Edward O. Wilson, which states humans inherently have an attraction toward participating with other life forms in nature. Evolutionary psychology is also a good part of such a discussion; we are thus attracted because of adaptations occurring through the evolution of our ancestry.  I search out and am drawn toward nature encounters, like dipping my hands into a writhing mound of convergent lady-beetles or discovering an Arizona cliff-side honeycombed with bald-eagle nests. These encounters are intersecting points that stir something deeper within me, something deeply known that is beyond this present life. Separated from those experiences, I feel less of nature, less of me, less of you. It is yet another fascinating layer of experiencing and being aware of interconnectedness. We are not solo journeyers.


Here are recent drawings.

Pedigree, 2014, ink drawing.


An older drawing I recalled while writing this post. Returning, 2012, ink drawing.


Feverers, 2014, ink drawing.



This is my newest painting, Panthea. 2014, 26 5/16″ x 18 3/8″, watercolor, ink and pastel. You can also view it at my website.

Panthea, painting by Charmagne CoeAnd detail photographs….Panthea, detail, painting by Charmagne Coe
Panthea, detail, painting by Charmagne Coe
Panthea, detail, painting by Charmagne Coe
Panthea, detail, painting by Charmagne Coe
I am thrilled about this work  It became quite an undertaking, not only because it is a larger piece, but because the story within kept evolving.  Just as I thought the painting was coming to a close, another surprise twist would appear. It embodies many illuminations and inner spiritual contemplations. The experience was wholly numinous.

More news! I will be discussing Panthea in an art column I was invited to write for Arcadia Magazine’s Online Sundries.  The column is titled “Familiar Spirits Light a Way”. For six months it will feature six of my paintings selected from 2011 – 2014.  Here is an excerpt:

“… my pursuit is to conduit essential narratives from the spiritual and collective unconscious, incorporate life all around me and to further be a part of that deeply mysterious and bottomless connectedness with others.”

Painting and Drawing Gallery


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