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Hello! Spring is officially upon us! I’m enjoying signs of budding life, homemade lemonade with my kids, cool morning runs and new inspirations.

meyer lemon

After many years of dedicating my creative process to growing skills with watercolor, ink and pastel, I’ve recently begun to include additional media in my paintings. It is exhilarating to plunge into other directions.  I’m also taking an even more immediate, direct approach using abstraction with surrealism. A most recent work includes cotton thread, colored pencil and markings from charcoal twigs my youngest son made for me as a surprise gift one afternoon. It delights me to create artworks that come not only from within myself, but that are a collection of efforts and energies all around me. 

Below is my brand new painting with detail pictures, The Drops 54321, 28″ x 21″, watercolor, ink, charcoal and thread.  Also here.

The Drops sunshine.ccoe.jpg

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Here are some other new works from this year.

I am deeply thankful to my agent and Scottsdale gallerist, Nicole Royse of Royse Contemporary, for the opportunity to show my works and exhibit in Arizona.  Thank you to all of you for your many kind and generous ways of showing support.

Pictures above from Pan Door, my recent January solo exhibition at Royse Contemporary. 

In my studio, there rests a progressing mother/child drawing in deep cerulean blue pastel, and two large abstract paintings which feel all at once mischievous and full of longing. My work is cut out for me.


I completed this small painting in May. It is a meditative piece.

Still for Landings. 2017.300dpi.painting34856538876_3207b9a2da_z34509855650_d31bc756f0_z34856540726_8839109220_z

Drawings, created in ink and pastel….


Hear, Here for You.2017.300dpi.drawing.ccoe
Hearing, Here
to let go a god for Spirit.2017.300dpidrawing.ccoe
to let go a god for Spirit

This is a grouping from my series, elementals.



And…This is another work in progress.





Below are recent drawings I’ve completed along the way and while traveling. They are created with black ink.


Future Forwards Her and She Declines.2015.400dpi.drawing.ccoeFuture Forwards Her and She Declines

img309But There Was More, Ma Belle


Sight Inside the Current.2015.400dpi.drawing.ccoeSign Inside the Current

Happy New Year, Everyone!

I have two new paintings to share with you:

Don’t Worry About My Arrival, Darling, 2015, 13 1/8″ x 12 1/8″, watercolor, ink and pastel.

Don't Worry About My Arrival, Darling
Dont Worry About My Arrival, Darling. Detail.

Tortoise, 2015, 6 1/8″ x 8 15/16″, watercolor, ink and pastel.

Tortoise. Detail.
Tortoise. Detail.

These are drawings from the last two weeks.

Because It Matters, ink and pastel drawing.

Because It Matters

Don’t Beg Your Pardon, ink drawing.
Don't Beg Your Pardon

If I Rest My Mind With Gentle Creatures, ink drawing.
If I Rest My Mind With Gentle Creatures
Pets, ink drawing.
No, You Cannot Tell Me, ink drawing.

No, You Cannot Tell Me

More to come soon, but until then…

I wish you all well in 2015. ❤

On July 12th, I participated in the “Show and Tell” opening reception which took place at the Herberger Theater Art Gallery in downtown Phoenix, AZ. The group exhibition showcased several Arizona artists. My painting, “Billows”, was included and… I was thrilled to be honored as the feature artist! Thank you for attending and sending along all the kind words of congratulations and encouragement. The show will be on display and works can be purchased through September 1st.

Here is a recent ink drawing, “To Swim Unafraid in the Lantern’s Lake”.


These are color-splashed details of a summer work in progress. I am very excited about the palette. I have been chipping away at this work for three months now. Some paintings are like that:  a slow and ponderous journey. It is very satisfying.

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I have exciting news! Arizona Handmade Gallery will be representing some of my artwork in downtown Flagstaff, Arizona through July. Come see my freshly framed paintings debuting at May’s Artwalk:

Charmagne Coe

Selected Works and Very Small Paintings

Arizona Handmade Gallery

Flagstaff First Friday Art Walk, May 4th

6pm – 9pm

13 North San Francisco Street #100  

Flagstaff, AZ

(928) 779-3790 *

My studio is messier than it’s ever been – it’s because I have been hopping from project to project. I’m sort of swimming in post-its, watercolor testing strips and various paintings stacked here and there. It’s fun to be involved in several things at one time. Amidst it all, there is always time for drawing.

Here is my submission for Illustration Friday’s theme: Heights. My thoughts on this… I believe hope is a precious thing. It reaches above us even while we are confused or pushed down.

I had a wonderful time exhibiting new paintings and drawings at “First Friday at The Pike” in Flagstaff, Arizona in February and March. I met the talented Ivan Bronston who is a sculptor, painter and graffiti artist. Helen Padilla also showed some new drawings – a rare and exciting treat. Matthew Koscica, an urban artist, and Ivan Bronston created “The Wall of Verona”, a hanging tarp canvas emblazoned with caricatures and romantic verses. Visitors were encouraged to add their own valentine interpretations in pictures and words. I really enjoyed meeting everyone who came out and receiving hugs from old friends. I’m very thankful to Jeff and Kari Maurer, the owners of The Pike, for inviting me to exhibit. My show will be hanging till March 14th.














Ink drawings from this week:

Illlustration Friday has an interesting topic this week:  Intention. The title of my drawing entry is “Dispel”.

I’m around here, feeling Fall. The frost is coming and so it will soon be time to turn over the garden and dry herbs. I have a show coming up in Flagstaff which means I’m busy organizing artwork. The studio has become unwalkable. I will have (eek!!) some of my drawings for viewing, some for sale.

Today, we have a tornado watch in little ‘ol Flagstaff. Two touchdowns in a nearby community. I don’t know what to make of the last two years in this town… wildfires, blizzards, floods, tornadoes. While all else sort of stays relatively the same here, the weather is writing history.

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