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This is a new small painting. It is a hope-filled expression which feels fitting for the spring season.

Another Day Opens, 2017, watercolor, ink and pastel. It is also available to view and purchase at my website.

Another Day Opens.2017.new_full_image.ccoe

Another Day Opens.2017.new_detail1.ccoe

New drawings:
Anemone, 2017, ink and watercolor drawing.


Organelle, 2017, ink drawing.

Ribbon Running, 2017, ink and watercolor drawing

The above painting and drawings are available, so please feel free to inquire! You can do so here or my website contact form.

I had a wonderful time at the group exhibition Put the Art in pARTy at Icehouse Gallery, curated and hosted by Joe Holdren. The setting is always a spacious and intriguing place to explore, as is the art.

I’m looking forward to yet another upcoming group exhibition at Icehouse on May 5: Figure So Surreal, curated by Travis Fields. I’ll be one on 36 other artists showing contemporary surrealistic work. More on that in the next post.

Here is a detail pic of something that sprang onto paper yesterday afternoon. We’ll see where it takes me. Perhaps this is where it stops.


Every day, I try to either run or hike in the Sonoran landscape. I make a practice to stop and smell the roses… and orange blossoms and creosote. There is so much visible beauty to not only enjoy, but to remind my spirit of how importantly interconnected we all truly are wherever we go, be it a quiet forest in the mountains or a sprawling metropolis. Here is a small dried barrel cactus fruit which must have been a nice meal for a bird or a javelina. It caught my eye, I passed it, then turned around to pick it up.


I am quite fond of listening to ambient music while I paint, or any time really. My favorites are bands like Pausal and The Dead Texan, who allow for a lot of open spaces between the changing chords and patiently allow the narrative to grow. Like clouds slowly overlapping, merging and dissipating. This musical piece is by an incredible group called A Winged Victory For The Sullen. It was put out on the Erased Tapes Records label, album titled, Requiem For The Static King Part Two.

I’ve just finished another small painting. I will be photographing it in the next day or so, and blog it soon.

Happy Easter. Happy newness.

How I’ve looked forward to the announcement of Pausal’s new limited-edition vinyl album release, Along the Mantic Spring.Well, it’s almost here! The album will begin shipping May 6, 2014, but can now be pre-ordered at Pausal is the ambient music collaboration of Simon Bainton and Alex Smalley. Please go listen to audio samples at the link. It is otherworldly music. And utterly beautiful.

Along the Mantic Spring cover art

The title of the album was taken from the title of my painting used for the front panel.

The album is gate-fold, or four panels. I created several interlaced ink drawings for the two interiors. They are figurative (human and beast), intuitive, magical, mythical….

Here are some pictures of those drawings laid out. As Pausal’s music filled my studio, it was completely effortless to find inspiration.


I’ll share a bit about the title and coinciding painting used for the front panel. Along the Mantic Spring was composed, as usual, starting with a feeling, as opposed to thought-out, stringent imagery. I sensed I would be conveying something sacred. Soon, the figures arrived and the shapes and patterns coalesced. When I paint, there is always constant tension and resolve, a back and forth external/internal dialogue; I am being communicated with and am communicating to. I react to the combination of colors, textures, patterns as much as having an effect on them. All of this, in turn, inter-plays with my current experiences, even the very music that is playing. Sometimes the title will come to me before a painting starts. Sometimes months before. But in this case, I named it afterward. When I finished the work, I did not know the full story of what I had painted but it was obvious that the figures were involved with one another and also with the elements around them. So I went searching for a name and the plot of the story. It started with a word,”grotto”.  Soon I was reading about oracles and prayer places…. by Trey Ratcliff

I have a keen interest in anything ceremonial, anthropological and mythological . It’s comforting to read about scientific adaptation, laws and phenomena, but so to is learning about the ignition of, the migration and cultural borrowing of spiritual and philosophical ideas that have gotten us to this point. We’ve always been grappling with physical mortality, but also with our soulishness. We’ve built temples, etched cave walls, held hands as we stood in close circles and watched the stars to intuit our purpose, be it in love or hunting or war.  I was fascinated to read again about the oracle at Delphi and the mantic, message-bearing spring. It struck a note.


This idea of communing with gods, with each other and with nature resonated with some of my own experiences. Also, certain phraseology from my charismatic religion of youth, such as”living waters” and “the spirit moved on the face of the water”, came back to me in a delightfully fresh way. It hit home. Communing with one another and touching nature binds us together. It sets certain truths free. As you can see on other panels, the theme continued on and story kept building. I am even still finding out what the story is all about!

When I spoke of the title concept to Alex and Simon, we discovered an uncanny similarity of ideas regarding communication. We all agreed that the painting title would also be a great album title too. I will always be deeply honored and thankful to have had this experience and to have worked with such gracious musicians who were open to an organic flow in creativity.

Below is the back panel with hand-lettered the titles, credits, music label and other information.

Thanks for reading. Should be posting again soon since I just finished a large painting. Here’s a glimpse… taped and covered in glassine. 😉


Painting and Drawing Gallery


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