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This is a new miniature work. It is Lighten, 2017, watercolor, ink and pastel. The painting is available at my website.

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Much of my drawing has always investigated human connection with nature. Several years ago, I read Biophilia by Edward O. Wilson. Written in 1984, this book was ahead of its time with its environmental revelations. The close-up, introspective examination of flora and fauna worlds had a lasting impression on me. He expressed our inherent need to be in a healthy, symbiotic relationship with our planet’s ecosystems of which we are a part. We are a part of this earth’s whole. I am investigating that connection even more in my new series, Elementals. The drawings are less structured, even less representationally figurative than my other work. In 2013, I began to draw these during a limited edition album art project for Pausal’s Along the Mantic Spring (below)… and I realized this the other day in a “haven’t I seen these before?” moment.


They are a combination of my emotional, innate responses and spontaneous expressions of nature.

Filial.2017.300dpi.drawing elemental.ccoe

Filial, 2017, ink drawing

Gist Across Over, 2017, ink drawing

Moonlit Stitch, 2017, ink drawing

If you are interested in collecting my drawn works, I do offer them for sale at my website. You can see and purchase them from me directly if you live in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Also feel free to PM me with any questions or thoughts.

drawings available at for instagram and fb.ccoe

Yesterday, I pulled out the staples adhering the painting, Calamus,to its board, and untaped the border to show the reveal (clean edges). On the back, I wrote my title, signature and date painted. Lastly, I covered it with protective glassine till it is ready to take to the framers. I savor all the small, careful steps that go into the process of making, learning and caring for art.

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Infinite Formations Emerge Through Preclusions.2015.300dpi.drawing.ccoe
Infinite Formations Emerge Through Preclusions, ink drawing

Adaptability. How beautiful. How necessary. How difficult at times. How elemental.



I like observing the Hawaiian volcanic terrains that rise to meet wind and ocean. Black igneous licks and curls in semi-permanent formation from its ongoing relationship with the elements. The hardiness of its crystallized minerals make it stalwart. The memory of this landscape has been, at times, a simple, deep and gratifying meditation. It elicits contentment to ponder endurance in terms of structure and malleability.

More recent ink drawings:
Sake and Surrounding

Pluck.2015.300dpi.drawing.ccoePluckFibrils Bring to SurfaceUnfinished drawing
Preserving Animals.2015.300dpi.drawing.ccoePreserving Animals

The Channels are  Softly In.2015.300dpi.drawing.ccoeChannels

Please do check out my most recent installment of Honey Wove the Marrow, a column I write for Arcadia Magazine’s Online Sundries. This time around I discuss the intricacies of loss, and the painting, When The Lines Disappear, I Am Not Afraid With You. 

By summer’s end, I’ll have completed some new works. Stay posted!

work in progress by Charmagne Coe
work in progress by Charmagne Coe

Below are recent drawings I’ve completed along the way and while traveling. They are created with black ink.


Future Forwards Her and She Declines.2015.400dpi.drawing.ccoeFuture Forwards Her and She Declines

img309But There Was More, Ma Belle


Sight Inside the Current.2015.400dpi.drawing.ccoeSign Inside the Current


Here is a detail from the work in progress for Essential Creatures, an exhibition honoring the pollinators of our world. It will be at West of the Moon Gallery, 14 N. San Francisco St., Flagstaff, AZ 86001. (928) 774-0465. The open reception is April 3rd, 2015, First Friday, 6-9 pm and is ongoing through April.

Honey Wove the Marrow, by Charmagne Coe

The above work, Honey Wove the Marrow, was started back in September 2014. I worked on this for a couple of months, but I hit a wall and couldn’t go on with it. So… I let it sit for a while, worked on other projects, then returned to it just last month. What was needed came together after that long, deep breath. I’ve written more about it in my first installment of the eponymous art column, Honey Wove the Marrow, at Arcadia Magazine’s Online Sundries. Included is a story from my childhood.

bio_picCharmagneCoe CharmagneCoe3 578569_10151831262922428_2030987479_n

This week, I’m excited to be featured in an article in Arizona Foothills Magazine Blog. It was very thoughtfully written by Nicole Royse. Thank you! You can visit it here.


I am so, so relieved to be in a routine flow around my new art space. As a creature of habit in my immediate surroundings, change definitely unsettles me. But it is ultimately an invigorating, cathartic experience. My new studio is a shared space with other family activities. Sometimes I find myself creating in conjunction with all manner of  commotion buzzing around me. I think again (as I do so often) about childhood with my father as a jeweler. He worked out of our house. He had an intensity of persistence and focus as he built exquisite pieces of fine jewelry in a home studio, and later a converted garage. Life did not stop around him, nor did he expect it to. We were just asked to be respectful. I think about the cacophony of a day, but never felt like I was an intrusive part of his process. In fact, I was sometimes asked to assist him in arranging and stringing beads or other tasks. I loved that purposeful feeling of being at my father’s knee with all those colors, shapes and textures in my hands. I was a part of something that was being made. Many facets of life coexisted together. In some ways, now is very much like my childhood then. Part and parcel.

6915990704_36c255bc69_zDad and me

I recently reread the in-your-face poem (imagine that!) by Charles Bukowski,  “Air and Light and Time and Space”, that is an affront to writers who incessantly look for the perfect conditions to evoke their productivity. It gave me pause for thought. Here are some lines:

baby, air and light and time and space
have nothing to do with it
and don’t create anything
except maybe a longer life to find
new excuses

Together Go the Elements.2015.drawing.300dpi.ccoe
Together Go The Elements, ink drawing

Take care and feel all that is around you.


I have recently finished the new painting, Treasures, watercolor, ink and pastel, 9″ x 13 5/16″. This magical little painting can be also seen at my website,


Limited edition giclée prints are available. Each is based on an original painting I created in watercolor, ink and pastel. I like to create small volumes to preserve the value of each one. They are professionally printed on 255 gsm acid free, 100% cotton rag Somerset Velvet paper (similar look and feel to watercolor paper) using Epson’s archival UltraChrome pigment inks. Each print is signed and numbered on the front. You can view them here!

When the Lines Disappear, I Am not Afraid With You revised web version

Original paintings, such as the above When the Lines Disappear, I Am Not Afraid With You are seen at my website as well.

Earlier this year, I was honored as Art and Art Deadline’s February Featured Artist. I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the interview conducted by its talented creator, Rachel Gibson. At this site you can read about artists who are pushing the boundaries of contemporary art. It is also an invaluable resource for artists looking for reputable opportunities for publication and exhibition. If you enjoy my work and feel so inclined after reading my interview, please leave a comment. Artists who receive the most comments by December 31st will be awarded AAD’s Featured Artist of 2014. Thank you!

Learn more about Featured Artist Charmagne Coe!

I started a painting last weekend. It seems to be actually creating itself very quickly. Perhaps I shall finish it by this coming weekend. Peek:

WIP by Charmagne Coe

I’ve been listening a lot to Damien Rice’s new album, My Favorite Faded Fantasy. Damien’s voice and words slice, like velvet and talons, to the bone of it all. I dare you to listen without tears. If you’ve loved and hoped, you know. Here is “I Don’t Want to Change You”.

Thank you, everyone, for attending and sending kind wishes for my solo show at Rooftop Solar Art Space! It was a wonderful time and there were SO many people! Elbow to elbow at some points. I appreciate the one-to-one conversations and meeting people I never would otherwise. We were accompanied by the jazz sounds of Victor Ziegelbaum, who played and sang everything from Django Reinhardt to Cole Porter. Crave Aurora and Effusion were sold, and so I bid them goodbye. (I do get a lump in my throat, every time.)


2014100395191729 2014100395191355 2014100395191311 IMG_20141004_113829-001 IMG_20141003_220631(1)-001 IMG_20141004_113626-001 IMG_20141003_221011(1)-001

I was planning to say yet another goodbye. This time, to Arcadia Magazine. My most recent and last installment of the six-month-long art column, “Familiar Spirits Light a Way”, was sent to the editor on Monday. However, to my happy surprise, he wrote back and invited me to stay on for another six months. How can I say no? I can’t!  So, in a couple of months, I will again start a new adventure with another collection of six paintings. For now… go visit Arcadia to read the last of this series featuring Oscillons.

oscillons web version

Following are some selected drawings from this week. Enjoy.

15304758929_5dcccc83b8_c Lay Your Tinder Hands


So the Hands Will Not Grasp My Ankles15480614785_8f3bc2d4ce_c


Glory and the Earthen Temple

This song has been echoing in my mind lately. Warpaint, “Love is to Die”.


Let us be like birds who build their nests, hair by string by feather by dried grass, placing great effort and infinite love into life.


I have finished the new work, When the Lines Disappear, I Am Not Afraid With You, 18 5/16″ x 26 5/16″, watercolor, ink and pastel. This is also available to view at my website,

When the Lines Disappear, I Am not Afraid With You revised web version
Detail photos:
When the Lines Disappear, I Am not Afraid With You detail1
When the Lines Disappear, I Am not Afraid With You detail2
When the Lines Disappear, I Am not Afraid With You detail3
When the Lines Disappear, I Am not Afraid With You

I have several shows coalescing this fall and into the new year. My next show to announce is a solo exhibition right here in Flagstaff, AZ. I will be sharing original paintings and fine art prints.  If you happen to be close by, join us for this lovely evening hosted by Rooftop Solar.

rooftop solar art space features charmagne coead courtesy of Rooftop Solar, Kelsey Bailey

Below are two works that will be included in the Flagstaff show, as well as the above painting, Diving, Mining to Meet You. They are Crave Aurora and Oscillons.


Last weekend, while listening to local bluegrass in downtown Flagstaff, I enjoyed a long period of sketching. Sometimes a change of scenery can loosen the mind and the hand. A mimosa adds some ambiance too!

Needle and Thread, 2014, ink drawing.Needle and Thread.2014.400dpi
Come, Capella, 2014, ink drawing.Come, Capella.2014.400dpi
Another from a while back… Drinks and Drinks, 2014, ink drawing. Drinks and Drinks.2014.400dpi

I continue to write for Arcadia Magazine’s art column, “Familiar Spirits light a Way”…  the title of which is kind of an interesting companion name to the title of this blog.  Go here to see more. My latest installment discusses Diving, Mining to Meet You.

This is a beginning look at a work in progress. The character is slowly emerging and telling me his secrets.


Every day bodes a multitude of flurries and spaces.  I stop and breathe in the moments because one never knows about tomorrow… but surely right now, I am alive to sense and to love. I am thankful to the lights in my life. Beauty is everywhere and in everyone.


Take care.

bio pic FB hawaii yellow beads

Lately, there’s been a stream of new ventures which have encouraged steps outside my comfort zone. With those steps, I’ve had to brush up rusty skills and develop new ones. After one of my paintings (The Cadence, The Thorns) was published in Arcadia Magazine, I queried their editor. I wondered if the magazine would consider me a regular contributing illustrator of pen and ink drawings for their Online Sundries. The answer was yes!  Other publications have hired me for painted editorial illustrations, but I’ve also hoped to utilize my pen and ink skills for publication. I’ve amassed piles of drawing journals that date far back before I was a painter. Drawing was my first artistic impulse. Those pictures are where I’ve learned to follow creative ideas, even if they lead down rabbit holes. Especially if they lead down rabbit holes.  I’ve learned to draw freely about the various facets of the human condition, maternal instincts, nature, sexuality, adaptation, spirituality… meandering freely and weaving multiple concepts. Organically, I realized that the best way I create is improvisationally, by “anti-method”,  automatism.

And All the Rest, drawing by Charmagne Coe
And All the Rest9453291539_11aa33f20a_cExecutions, Ma Belle

Intimate Morphology, drawing by Charmagne CoeIntimate Morphology
Cordelia "Living. Give My Regards to Anubis", drawing by Charmagne CoeLiving, Give My Regards to Anubis

It is exciting to be able share another medium with Arcadia Magzine. I greatly look forward to receiving assignments and concocting images on topic, though still in my anti-method. The drawing below was created for the story “Kurt Vonnegut Didn’t Like Me”, by David Peteroy.

1.cigarette.ccoe - smaller

Later in April, I was again in touch with Arcadia Magazine. The editor asked if I would create an art column that featured and discussed six of my paintings. I am usually reticent to discuss my work in-depth (those of you who know me very well know this to be true), out of a sense of preservation and respect for the process. That process fluctuates and evolves constantly. It changes with skill and experimentation. So, I wondered at how to put my finger on a moving target. How could I broach a topic that by its very nature requires me to celebrate mystery and is often very open-ended to me? I decided to stop troubling myself about misconstruing, or being misconstrued, and do what I’ve always done — create automatistically, but also in writing. It is actually not my first foray into writing, but I’ll share more about that later in a future post.

I hope to convey uninhibited snapshots of technique and what about the painting speaks to me to share with you. I’ve followed the work, advice and ponderings of many artists before me. It makes sense to add mine to the cauldron, sheepishness and risk-aversion be damned. Words, like paint are, after all, another medium. Below is the first painting of my column, Familiar Spirits Light the WayIt is also my most recent painting: Panthea. 

Panthea, painting by Charmagne Coe
I am left with a great deal of curiosity about this cross-pollination of the arts in my life. Gratitude goes to all of you for encouraging, reading and connecting.


p.s. To my friends who are writers:  I might call on you for advice!

This is my newest painting, Panthea. 2014, 26 5/16″ x 18 3/8″, watercolor, ink and pastel. You can also view it at my website.

Panthea, painting by Charmagne CoeAnd detail photographs….Panthea, detail, painting by Charmagne Coe
Panthea, detail, painting by Charmagne Coe
Panthea, detail, painting by Charmagne Coe
Panthea, detail, painting by Charmagne Coe
I am thrilled about this work  It became quite an undertaking, not only because it is a larger piece, but because the story within kept evolving.  Just as I thought the painting was coming to a close, another surprise twist would appear. It embodies many illuminations and inner spiritual contemplations. The experience was wholly numinous.

More news! I will be discussing Panthea in an art column I was invited to write for Arcadia Magazine’s Online Sundries.  The column is titled “Familiar Spirits Light a Way”. For six months it will feature six of my paintings selected from 2011 – 2014.  Here is an excerpt:

“… my pursuit is to conduit essential narratives from the spiritual and collective unconscious, incorporate life all around me and to further be a part of that deeply mysterious and bottomless connectedness with others.”


My copy of Viriditas: an anthology of contemporary female artists, has arrived! It is an exquisite, mysterious, spiritual journey into the creative lives of women from around the world. This collection was created by Michaela Meadow. Several of my paintings are also included throughout. I am touched every time I turn its pages. To be connected to others through our creative expressions is a deep and uplifting experience.

Michaela writes about what you will discover:

“… in-depth interviews with artists, each chapter explores the intrinsic themes weaving within their work: creating myths for the modern day, embracing the sensual, becoming both creator and muse, confronting the eternal circle of life and death, and exploring our relationship with the natural world and our own inner primal nature.”

“Springing from the pantheon of artists before them, the female Surrealists in the 20s to the Feminist artists in the 60s and 70s, the artists in this collection re-address earlier questions and present a fresh perspective on subjects that are still important today.”

This is a limited edition of 500. It is 156 pages and in full color. You may order it here:

Painting and Drawing Gallery


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