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This is my newest completed painting. In it, I responded to many ponderings on the way we recognize one another as human animals. How we coalesce because of another’s connection to our lives. I will leave it at that, as there are so many ways to travel from those conversational/meditative starting points. Our Faces Come Because You Look For Us, 2017, watercolor, ink and pastel, 27 1/8″ x 19″, archival paper, unframed. You can view more at my shop. Enjoy.


Tonight, The Women Who Paint will again be having a group show at the Artery/Studio 6 based around the Art Detour 29 theme The Selfie. The artists included are Charmagne Coe, Carla Keaton, Cindy Schnackel, Lucretia Torva, Marisa Hall Valdez and Randy Zucker. I had to contemplate this theme for a bit… as I am not wont to think of myself as a solo self, but rather, I am me because of all of us. Universality. When I chose the works for the show, I saw my image in the works as me as having been affected by others. And, they are of you too if you see yourself there.

The Selfie Show 
The Artery/Studio 6, 623 Indian School Road

Opening Reception:
First Friday, March 3rd, 6 – 10 pm

Art Detour Hours:
Third Friday, March 17th, 6 – 10 pm
Saturday, March 18th, 11 am – 5 pm
Sunday, March 19th, 11 am – 5 pm

A little more about Art Detour 29:

“Art Detour is expanding from two to four days in 2017, and will feature a diverse slate of activities created by local artists and art venues to celebrate the growing, vibrant Phoenix arts scene. The event is produced by Artlink Inc., in partnership with the City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture, Downtown Phoenix, AZ and Artlink Articipants.”

This is the recent drawing, Write the Words’ on Chapters’ Mouths. 

Last month’s Small Works Love Show at The Artery was an intimate exhibition of works by my artist group, Ladies Who Paint. This gallery is located in the heart of Phoenix. It is home to the art collective at Studio 6; there art studios are upstairs… and when you visit, do take the time to see them! This was the first of many shows to come at this location throughout 2017. Below’s picture is courtesy of MJ Deen.

Here is my newest painting, “Gale Embrace”. Watercolor, ink and pastel, 15 15/16″ x 18 1/8″.

Gale embrace web version

For Illustration Friday, I’ve created a little painted drawing, “Finding the Notes”. Their theme this week is “Tribute”.

8724725514_dbdbdb86dd_cI am so happy to announce that I am opening shop… at Society6! After many requests for my drawings, I’ve decided to offer open edition prints. Each is a gallery quality giclée print on natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin free archival paper using Epson K3 archival inks. The prints are custom trimmed with 1″ border for framing and can be purchased in a variety of sizes. Come by and see me there!

bold nude red banner2
air tectonic.2012.drawing

I completed this painting in 2012, but am now releasing it. It is “Wending Bleeds and Buildings”.  8″ x  9 3/16″, watercolor, ink and pastel. I am also submitting this for Illustration Friday‘s weekly theme “Urban”. You can also see this at my website.

wending bleeds and buildings.hi-res.scan.ccoe
wending bleeds and buildings.hires.scan.detail.ccoe
wending bleeds and buildings.detail2.hi-res.scan.ccoe

Been sifting again through old drawings, lots of them raw, unfinished and primitive. I reiterated one of those ideas on Saturday with pencil.


Those older ideas….


This is “Morocco” by Susanne Sundfor.

I have finished a new work. This is “Crave Aurora”. 12″ x 13″, watercolor, ink and pastel. You can also view it at my website,

Crave Aurora, painting by Charmagne Coe

Just a reminder, I have created limited edition prints of the fantastical painting, Hinder Be Go. The volume is only 50 large. You can contact me here or go to my Etsy shop for more information.

Hinder Be Go, painting by Charmagne Coe
Here is Steel and Fragile Hopes, my submission for Illustration Friday’s theme, “Egg”.


Even when a painting doesn’t come together successfully, I will snip out a fragment I can’t part with. I like her. 🙂

snippet of a painting, by Charmagne Coe

I have been working on thumbnails for a science fiction theme. I chose the novel, The Child Garden, by Geoff Ryman. The protagonists, Milena and Rolfa, are ideal characters for creative inspiration. The two live in a genetically-controlled world in which viruses are used to educate the masses. Milena, who is immune to the hive mind’s viruses, falls in love with a genetically modified polar she-bear, Rolfa. Together, they are a subversive force against the social conformity.

The Child Garden, by Geoff Ryman

Below are some simple preliminary sketches.

preliminary sketch of Milena and Rolfa, by Charmagne Coe
preliminary sketch of Milena and Rolfa, by Charmagne Coe
preliminary sketch of Milena and Rolfa, by Charmagne Coe

This is another unrelated drawing I did a while back, but I would love to dovetail some of its elements because it seems so harmonious with the chosen theme.

Beast, drawing by Charmagne Coe

Here is a drawing I submitted this week for Illustration Friday‘s topic, “Swim”. It’s titled Past the Breakers.

Past the Breakers, drawing by Charmagne Coe

Woolen is my ink drawing submission to Illustration Friday‘s theme, “wool”.

Woolen, drawing by Charmagne Coe

Here is another. This is a very small painting, While Swimming. I painted it on a cold, snowy day and imagined being in a much warmer place, by the ocean, in the ocean. About the pig, well, that’s another story.

While Swimming February 2013

I have been delighted and moved by a new musical artist from Iceland, Mikaali Karlsson. His work is reminiscent of some other Icelandic musicians, but his voice is his own. He found me at Twitter and I immediately jumped onto Spotify to give a listen. His website is here. The Summit is his latest EP. This song is “Súlur”. Go on. Check it out.

Here is my contribution to Illustration Friday‘s weekly theme, “Storm”.  The title of this painting is Perch Against the Gale. It was made with watercolor, ink and pastel.


Thanks to all of you who came to the ASU Institute for Humanities Research annual art exhibition, “Imaginatio(n)ow”. I had a delightful time meeting members of faculty, fellow artists and all the other kind attendees. It was truly an honor.

"Imaginatio(n)ow" Exhibition at ASU
"Imaginatio(n)ow" Exhibition at ASU



This Friday, February 8th from 2 – 4pm, I will be attending the opening reception to the group exhibition “Imaginatio(n)ow”. It is located at 951 S. Cady Mall, Room 109, Tempe, AZ. My painting, Hinder Be Go, will be included. This show was curated by ASU’s Institute for Humanities Research.

The featured artwork addresses the immediacy of the imagination\imaginary; how the artist uses imagination not only as a source of inspiration, but also as a method for mentally and visually processing our constantly changing world; and how the human imagination allows us to transform reality or liberate the ways we think, feel, and experience our lives.

2013 Exhibit Reception Flier kirsten PDF with logo

My solo exhibition, “From Hinterland”, took place on Friday at Gallery One13, owned by the delightful Jill Divine. It was a wonderful experience! Thank you to all of you who came to see my artwork. Thank you, Hidden Light, for framing my work so beautifully. If you didn’t make it out to the opening reception, you can still see the show through the end of March at 111 E Aspen Ave., Flagstaff, AZ . All inquiries are welcome here. These are some photos from the show.


From Hinterland, painting by Charmagne Coe paintings by Charmagne Coe

paintings by Charmagne Coe

Billows, painting by Charmagne Coe



Jill Divine, owner of Gallery One13







Lat week was a race to the finish as I prepared for two shows and worked on an ongoing vinyl album cover project.  At Tom Alexander Photography with a newly finished painting.

At Tom Alexander Photography

I have not forgotten my favorite weekly project; here Thought Spin, a little painting completed for Illustration Friday‘s theme challenge, “Wheel”.

Thought Spin, by Charmagne Coe

Smitten by anything aquatic, it was a thrill to see this week’s theme by Illustration Friday,”Ocean”. Here is my contribution, a miniature painting (5 3/16″ x 5 1/2″), “Effusion”.



More work is viewable at

Today the sun shines warmly and my eyes feel like they are opening again. I’ve felt down lately. Tactile things in nature comfort and remind me that I am me, and I am a part of earth’s flesh and blood and dust. Chips of salt crystal, shell, a decaying saguaro spine….


I like the Illustration Friday topic this week — “Edge”. Here is my entry titled, “Love in Fossil and Feather”.


I hope you are having a beautiful new year. Be yourself, no matter what. It’s enough.

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