Happy New Year, Everyone!

I have two new paintings to share with you:

Don’t Worry About My Arrival, Darling, 2015, 13 1/8″ x 12 1/8″, watercolor, ink and pastel.

Don't Worry About My Arrival, Darling
Dont Worry About My Arrival, Darling. Detail.

Tortoise, 2015, 6 1/8″ x 8 15/16″, watercolor, ink and pastel.

Tortoise. Detail.
Tortoise. Detail.

These are drawings from the last two weeks.

Because It Matters, ink and pastel drawing.

Because It Matters

Don’t Beg Your Pardon, ink drawing.
Don't Beg Your Pardon

If I Rest My Mind With Gentle Creatures, ink drawing.
If I Rest My Mind With Gentle Creatures
Pets, ink drawing.
No, You Cannot Tell Me, ink drawing.

No, You Cannot Tell Me

More to come soon, but until then…

I wish you all well in 2015. ❤