I have now completed the painting that I’ve worked on for so long. Rider, 27″ x 19″, watecolor, ink and pastel.

fish web version
Detail pictures.


I have enjoyed reading about the biophilia hypothesis, created by evolutionary biologist, Edward O. Wilson, which states humans inherently have an attraction toward participating with other life forms in nature. Evolutionary psychology is also a good part of such a discussion; we are thus attracted because of adaptations occurring through the evolution of our ancestry.  I search out and am drawn toward nature encounters, like dipping my hands into a writhing mound of convergent lady-beetles or discovering an Arizona cliff-side honeycombed with bald-eagle nests. These encounters are intersecting points that stir something deeper within me, something deeply known that is beyond this present life. Separated from those experiences, I feel less of nature, less of me, less of you. It is yet another fascinating layer of experiencing and being aware of interconnectedness. We are not solo journeyers.


Here are recent drawings.

Pedigree, 2014, ink drawing.


An older drawing I recalled while writing this post. Returning, 2012, ink drawing.


Feverers, 2014, ink drawing.