My copy of Viriditas: an anthology of contemporary female artists, has arrived! It is an exquisite, mysterious, spiritual journey into the creative lives of women from around the world. This collection was created by Michaela Meadow. Several of my paintings are also included throughout. I am touched every time I turn its pages. To be connected to others through our creative expressions is a deep and uplifting experience.

Michaela writes about what you will discover:

“… in-depth interviews with artists, each chapter explores the intrinsic themes weaving within their work: creating myths for the modern day, embracing the sensual, becoming both creator and muse, confronting the eternal circle of life and death, and exploring our relationship with the natural world and our own inner primal nature.”

“Springing from the pantheon of artists before them, the female Surrealists in the 20s to the Feminist artists in the 60s and 70s, the artists in this collection re-address earlier questions and present a fresh perspective on subjects that are still important today.”

This is a limited edition of 500. It is 156 pages and in full color. You may order it here: http://magpiemagazine.bigcartel.com/.