My copy of Arcadia Magazine, Issue #8, arrived last weekend.  It is a gutsy literary arts journal published in Oklahoma City, OK that features verse and artwork which is reflective of modern American life. This issue includes my painting, The Cadence, The Thorns. I am very thankful to have work published alongside Peggy Aylsworth, Laura Birdsall, Paul Catalano, Hannah Fischer, Carol Hamilton, Ilya Lyashevsky, Edgar Kunz, Abbie J. Leavens, Danielle Luther Luebbe, Laura E. Miller, John Palen, Joe Scott, Joelle Schumacher and Harold Whit Williams.

diving mining to meet you web version

You can find my work in the lastest Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine Arizona Edition Spring 2014. It is available at Barnes and Noble and other fine bookstores. Note: there was a publication error and the the work was published sideways. This painting is available at monOrchid Gallery.


S/he, hallowed and evolving. Work in progress. A long story to tell….


I conduit and emanate. I falter. I retract. I become brave again and assert. I am ignited by love. I am ignited by small and large facets of life. I am ignited by rebellion toward apathy/entropy/not living. It is my artistic duty and path to authentically show joy, confusion, pain, transcendence, the ALL. I watch my own hands form images and am fascinated. At times I am perplexed at what I’ve fashioned, and yet I find home in those strange landscapes that appear. Familiar echoes. Ghosts. Prescience. If others care to join in to connect and feel with me, do. Or don’t. Regardless, it is. Look. Feel. Empathize. Recoil. Create. Liberate. Metamorphose.