Hello, and happy Thanksgiving to my American friends out there! I’ve had the most lush, wet scenery to view outside my studio window. The rain dripped through the pink and cranberry-tinted trees that line our street. Then it turned to snow. Every year, as the cold season approaches, it inspires more reflectiveness. It reminds me to slow down, look at and listen to the elements, both outside and inwardly. I am pleased to reach the conclusion to this latest painting.

Creators, 19 7/8″ x 19 1/8″, watercolor, ink and pastel.

creators web version
Another work in progress…


This is a drawing from today, Tones Within Her Solace’s Wing. It is one of my “menagerie drawings” seen here.


Last week, The New York Times published the article, “Art Makes You Smart”, by Brian Kisida, Jay P. Greene and Daniel H. Bowen.  It is worthy of contemplation as U.S. schools tend to move in a direction more devoid of art programs due to lack of funding and reorganization of educational outcomes. I have long held the opinion that the more children are exposed to a variety of arts, the more receptive their brains will be to decode and incorporate complex, diverse information that impacts their lives. The article stated:

“Students who participated in the School Visit Program demonstrated significantly stronger critical thinking skills when analyzing a new painting.”

“Students… displayed higher levels of social tolerance, exhibited greater historical empathy and developed a taste for art museums and cultural institutions.”

The article argues that there are, in fact, strong causal relationships. What importance will we place upon the arts in future education models? Shouldn’t the arts be accepted as crucial elements of healthy childhood development?

Thank you for coming by to see my latest. Take care.