Effusion, a very small painting I completed this year, was selected by Public Books to accompany “Inner Goddess Puking: Dreadful Writing as Striptease”. Noah Berlatsky reviews Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James. The circulation of Public Books acts as a resource for engaged scholarship and imaginative social theory. It is affiliated with the printed publication, Public Culture.

It was a great opening night at monOrchid Gallery’s Thermal PHX exhibition. Though it was over 100 degrees out, it did not stop the enthusiastic crowds. Waves of people pushed through the doors until well after 11pm. It was wonderful to be with all of you. Thank you for coming downtown to be a part of the experience! The exhibition is ongoing through August 31, first and third Fridays, 6:00pm – 10:00pm. I will be in attendance again on July 5 and August 16.

monOrchid Gallery, Thermal PHX Exhibition

IMG_20130607_210745  IMG_20130607_194642Onna Jeanna Voellmer.

IMG_20130607_190311Artist, Jason Hugger, with his wife, Cathryn Hugger.

IMG_20130607_195434Dan Pederson with his assemblage, abstract art.  


This is a video of opening night of Thermal PHX at the monOrchid gallery on Roosevelt (214 east) Phoenix Az, by Cathryn Hugger.

A recent drawing, Water and Web, pen and ink.


Summer in Flagstaff couldn’t be more welcome.

grand willow