This Friday, February 8th from 2 – 4pm, I will be attending the opening reception to the group exhibition “Imaginatio(n)ow”. It is located at 951 S. Cady Mall, Room 109, Tempe, AZ. My painting, Hinder Be Go, will be included. This show was curated by ASU’s Institute for Humanities Research.

The featured artwork addresses the immediacy of the imagination\imaginary; how the artist uses imagination not only as a source of inspiration, but also as a method for mentally and visually processing our constantly changing world; and how the human imagination allows us to transform reality or liberate the ways we think, feel, and experience our lives.

2013 Exhibit Reception Flier kirsten PDF with logo

My solo exhibition, “From Hinterland”, took place on Friday at Gallery One13, owned by the delightful Jill Divine. It was a wonderful experience! Thank you to all of you who came to see my artwork. Thank you, Hidden Light, for framing my work so beautifully. If you didn’t make it out to the opening reception, you can still see the show through the end of March at 111 E Aspen Ave., Flagstaff, AZ . All inquiries are welcome here. These are some photos from the show.


From Hinterland, painting by Charmagne Coe paintings by Charmagne Coe

paintings by Charmagne Coe

Billows, painting by Charmagne Coe



Jill Divine, owner of Gallery One13







Lat week was a race to the finish as I prepared for two shows and worked on an ongoing vinyl album cover project.  At Tom Alexander Photography with a newly finished painting.

At Tom Alexander Photography

I have not forgotten my favorite weekly project; here Thought Spin, a little painting completed for Illustration Friday‘s theme challenge, “Wheel”.

Thought Spin, by Charmagne Coe