I have a small-ish studio and it contains much of the necessary tools I need, but that is not where I’ve been. I have spent more creative drawing hours in the bucolic Flagstaff outdoors. I continue to draw abstracted landscapes and figures with combinations of fine and bold textures. Some of my figures are somewhat unfinished or a bit raw. Life in-process is a theme I revisit a lot and so, sometimes my drawings have left-off edges or dissolve in places. Years ago while in Florence, Italy, I was completely transfixed by Michelangelo’s ‘unfinished’ Slaves sculptures…  they were sublime in their state of emergence from the anchoring stone. That experience has stayed with me since. Below are my most recent drawings .

This drawing is designated as my submission to Illustration Friday’s theme, Hibernate. Just so ya know, my work is also viewable at my website:  charmagnecoe.com

A fragment of a painting study. It contains a beast that resurfaces in several other drawings and paintings.