I hesitate to brush away cobwebs, the homes of creatures who’ve worked so tenaciously despite wind and rain. I can relate in some way. So I leave them be most of the time. Last week, my son ran home crying because someone smashed a daddy-long-leg spider and I wonder what he will be like one day in the face of the larger world. Something like this often transfers into my art – a complex mesh of topics and emotions  embedded in drawn narrative. My family and friends are likely to find themselves there in the pages of my sketchbook, tho I’m pretty sure they would not recognize their caricatures. It’s more about the impression of  personality and emotion, rather than simply the expression of their face and body. That also represents largely the way I go about interpreting  in paint or ink, be it human, non-human, flora, fauna….  It’s like drawing metaphorically. In that vein, these are some drawings. Enjoy.

Below is this week’s submission to the Illustration Friday topic:  Launch. This painting is titled, “Spirit lift “.