My head was spinning after Los Angeles (in a good way). I really enjoyed meeting new people there and experiencing what makes the LA art scene unrivaled. Now  I am back to the quiet of painting and drawing and unleashing imaginations that have felt cooped up.  This is a new work just finished:  “Foragers”, 10″ x 9″, watercolor, ink and pastel.

I’ve also released a very small run of 50 limited edition prints: “Ephemeral and turning”. They are available at Etsy.

Today, this little face appeared. Winsome, sad … maybe his heart was broken for the first time and he doesn’t know what to do. Or something like that.

Here is a little painting in response to Illustration Friday’s topic:  Safari. I had initially imagined a jungle scene, but somehow things grew darker and the character became more unfamiliar. I wasn’t sure whether he should be the one who was scaring or scared.  And so.

I was helping out at a book sale and spotted Grendel, by John Gardener. Hadn’t read it. Have you? Now it’s on the pile for summer.

Okay everyone. I gotta get some soup on. Bye.