I’m back in my little Arizona town and the dust has settled. Here are some post-show details. The Bluecanvas Issue 8 Launch Event was an incredible time. I exhibited amongst jaw-dropping talents like Nathan Ota, Cecil Kim, Bob Dob and Max Neutra. I am so delighted to have been there. It was held in the heart of downtown LA during the night of their well-known Art Walk, Thursday, April 14th. A LOT of people were on the streets – happy faces, people visiting the gourmet food trucks, performing artists, curious onlookers… if you haven’t been, it’s a mad, wonderful scene. I really enjoyed meeting new people and being able to share what I do. Even some folks from Hidden Light in Flagstaff came out to give me props – what a cool surprise. Thank you, Bluecanvas, for inviting me to come along for the ride. It was such a pleasure. You guys rock.

The above photos are courtesy of Bluecanvas.

Other hanging-around stuff from Los Angeles:

La Luz de Jesus Gallery

There’s just one problem. I am now homesick for L.A.!! I’ll be back. πŸ™‚